Marie Norris Psychotherapist Resource Therapist 
Clinical Hypnotherapist 
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Therapy and Support


You have the inner strength and resources within you to change your life. You just need to remove the blockages that stop them from showing up. This is the cornerstone of Marie’s beliefs and it guides her in all consultations.


Using a holistic approach which combines counselling, resource therapy, hypnotherapy and other proven pyschotherapeutic techniques, Marie offers you ongoing support, and guidance for however long you need them.





Discover Inner Peace


Warm, welcoming and genuinely devoted to uplifting the human spirit, Marie works with people from all backgrounds, professions and ages to help resolve disharmony in their thoughts and feelings, restoring a peaceful balance to their lives.


Qualified and experienced, Marie is a privately practicing psychotherapist, resource therapist and hypnotherapist, who accompanies you along your own path towards inner peace and greater



Flexible Arrangements


In line with her values, Marie offers understanding for those clients experiencing financial difficulties and provides flexible rates and payment plans to alleviate any unnecessary stress.


Marie’s services are also subsidized by some private health insurers. In addition you can arrange for extended consultations when needed. Appointments, are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Over the phone counselling and guidance is offered should you require them.


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